Ayurvedic Skin & Beauty Care

Restore Your Natural Radiance From Within

Beauty is not in a potion or in a magic pill. Everybody is beautiful in his or her own way – you just need a little natural and loving touch with Ayurvedic care. The face is one of the important areas that you need to take care because all five senses are located here. At Ayurvedic Healing we pamper you with exotic herbs, foods that are pure, natural and simply divine.

Your Dosha (Body Constitution) determines your skin type:

Vata Skin

Has a tendency towards dry and rough skin and is cold to the touch. A thin outer layer, can contribute to premature wrinkles and aging. Exposure to the harsh elements, incompatible food (cold, rough, dry, etc.), lack of water and oil, excessive mental, physical activity and insufficient rest can aggravate aging in this skin type. Ayurvedic treatments and skin care products nourish Vata skin from the inside out creating a healthy glow.

Pitta Skin

Can be fair, reddish or freckled, affected by heat and sun, burns easily, can be sensitive or oily and prone to acne and inflammation. Incompatible foods (oily, sour, acidic, spicy etc.), stress and chemicals can agitate this skin type. Toxins can manifest in the skin as inflammation, blemishes and acne. Ayurveda eliminates these problems by detoxifying and cleansing from the inside out. Ayurvedic treatments, and skin remedies can restore a clear and beautiful complexion.

Kapha Skin

Smooth, thick, moist, pale, ages well. Can be oily and prone to large pores, black/whiteheads and acne. Excessive oil excretion combined with dirt results in the clogging of the skin pores. Incompatible food (sweet, salty, oily, dairy products, etc.) and a sedentary lifestyle can agitate this skin type. Ayurvedic treatments and remedies increase the circulation and detoxify the skin, restoring balance.

Ayurvedic Skin Consultation:

Consultation includes Dosha and skin type assessment, and pulse diagnosis that helps to understands internal imbalances. This includes diet and lifestyle changes (Facial Exercises /Yoga /Breathing /Mudras) customized herbal and skin care formulas.

We offer holistic solution for skin problems such as Acne, Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis, Dermatitis, Hyper pigmentation and prematurely wrinkled skin.

Ayurvedic Facials

Our facials begin with a skilled, licensed and experienced professional who analyzes your skin and makes appropriate recommendations for your optimal skin health, customizing your treatment to your specific condition—acne, aging, hyper-pigmentation, etc.

We use organic, preservative-free Ayurvedic products and potent regenerative herbs. Our Ayurvedic facials blend Ayurvedic tradition with facial massage to treat blemishes, maintaining healthy skin and glowing complexion.

A reviving head, neck and shoulder massage and Marma massage combined with subtle ayurvedic therapies (karna, nasya, aroma, herbs. etc), increase the flow of prana (chi) to relieve stress, tension and fatigue. A soothing foot massage will deepen relaxation, bringing a renewed sense of balance to body and mind. The energy within the 7 layers of the Skin will be delightfully rekindled and your inner peace restored.

Our gentle herbal exfoliant deep cleanse, detoxify and rejuvenates the skin, while our fruit massage will improve circulation and restore radiance to the skin.

Skin Rejuvenation Package

Slow down the aging process and optimize the health and beauty of your skin (face and body). Removes wrinkles, improves elasticity, toning, firming and enlivening the skin.

This special age-defying beauty enhancement program, restores natural radiance by detoxifying and nourishing the skin; stimulate collagen synthesis and enhancing cellular intelligence and overall healing and regenerative powers as well as nurturing all the sense organs.

From nature’s gift like herbs, essential oils, fruits, vegetables, spices and minerals will restore a youthful, glowing complexion from the inside out.

This customized Anti-aging package can include herbal oil massage, steam treatment, Exfoliating, gold or silver moisturizer, nutrition, herbal supplements, skin remedies, Facial Exercises, Yoga, Mudra and Breathing exercises and Diet.

Eye Care (Netra Basti)

Eye care treatments restore luster to the eyes and nourishment to the surrounding tissue, relieving the tension that causes poor eyesight, headaches, pain, fatigue, dark circles and fine lines. This treatment is performed with herbalized Ghee, Marma massage & Foot Massage with special 3 Metal bowl.

Also include Diet and Eye Exercises to strengthen your eyes.

Over all, for your beauty, keep your life in balance. Imbalance occurs from poor eating habits, insufficient sleep, mental and emotional stress, and a daily routine that is not in accordance with the natural biological rhythms of our bodies.