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Ayurvedic Healing - Authentic Ayurveda: Supplements, Consultations, Panchakarma
  • Vedic Medical Astrology
    Vedic Medical Astrology

    Helping you to live your best life.

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  • Panchakarma

    The ultimate mind-body healing experience.

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  • Healthy Hair Kit
    Healthy Hair Kit

    For rich, thick, healthy and shiny hair.

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  • Detox Ayurvedic Infusion
    Detox Ayurvedic Infusion

    Aids in establishing purity and inner peace.

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Vital Immunity


Vital Immunity Vital Immunity supports normal immune function for optimal health – aiding digestion, de-congestion and detoxification. Purchase Here
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Ayurvedic Consultations

Not sure what products are right for you? Schedule an in-person or Skype consultation with Dr. Suhas or Dr. Manisha Kshirsagar to determine which products will help you achieve your health goals and return to balance. Call 831.462.3776.


Have a chronic health condition, or just in need of a cleanse? Ayurveda offers the ultimate in detox and rejuvenation with a 5 or 7 day Panchakarma program – once only reserved for royalty. Find out if this would be a good fit for you. Call 831.462.3776.

Vedic Medical Astrology

At a crossroads? In need of guidance? Vedic Medical Astrology can help you to better understand your strengths and challenges and help you to utilize your unique gifts and navigate important decisions. Call 831.462.3776.

Vital Supplements

Ayurvedic herbal formulations

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Vital Immunity
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Vital Immunity

Vital Immunity supports normal immune function for optimal health – aiding digestion, de-congestion and detoxification.


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Price: $21.99

I highly recommend this place to everyone for Ayurvedic treatments and Panchakarma!

Marina A

Dr. Manisha‘s consultation has helped me lose weight and sleep better. It was simply based on dietary recommendations and some herbs but was a powerful experience.

Sheila P, Folsom, CA

Dr. Manisha is a “Medicine Woman”. I attended Ayurvedic Home Remedies course with her. Her simple tips and recipes will give direction in one’s life.

Danilla S, Phoenix, AZ

Dr. Manisha is a true healer. Her touch is magical, my skin has improved with her treatments.
Especially her products and valuable information that will and can empower everyone.

Victoria D, Santa Cruz, CA

yogi cameron

Dr Suhas Kshirsagar again addresses the root cause of the issues and expertly guides us to the solutions that lead to our success.

Yogi Cameron, author of The Yogi Code

Sheila patel

Dr. Kshirsagar gives us insight into the Ayuvedic wisdom regarding healthy daily routine and gives practical tips on aligning ourselves with these rhythms for optimal health.


Sheila Patel MD, Medical Director of Mind Body Medical Group, The Chopra Center for Wellbeing

daniel vicario

Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar has an extraordinary ability to share the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with clarity, inspiration and humor. I’ve observed Suhas lecture, teach and inspire for over a decade.

Daniel Vicario, M.D., ABIHM

marci shimoff

Dr. Suhas Kshirsagar is a world- renowned Ayurvedic physician and teacher who has changed hundreds of thousands of lives with his deep expertise and practical advice. He’s doing it again with a brilliant book that can truly transform your life in every way.

Marci Shimoff, #1 NY Times bestselling author, Happy for No Reason and Chicken Soup for the Woman’s Soul

Lymph tea made me less puffy and took away my unwanted water weight making me feel lighter and brighter.

Angie Payton

What a profound healing experience… I was met with extreme professionalism,
respect and loving kindness by everyone on their knowledgeable staff…
I feel completely calm and radiant.

Louise E, San Jose, CA

I enjoyed Dr. Suhas’s teaching style. It is not only authentic but the presentation is always engaging.

Bobby Marcus

My Consult with Dr. Suhas has transformed my life. It was deeply philosophical and educational.
It helped me understand my health challenges and heal it myself.

Chris Tait, AZ

I loved my Pancha Karma with Dr. Suhas and Manisha.
It was an authentic experience, which helped me heal my chronic pain.

Susan Fisher

I spent 5 very enjoyable days doing Panchakarma and highly recommend it to anyone
who wants to balance their physiology or get help with specific health concerns.

Suzanne L, Oakland, CA

Dr. Kshirsagar took a great deal of time with me and saved my health and life…
Now almost 3-years later I feel the strongest and best I’ve felt since I was 20 years old.

Matt D, Fairfield, IA